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The explanation behind this song.

To the reader, and listener, I would ask you first listen to this piece on your accord before reading this review. By reading this and then listening, your own experience will be tainted, and you will imagine something I have constructed, rather then something you would create yourself.

This song embodies time, it beats to exactly 1 second per beat, try it for yourself. Press play at exactly the tick of a second, and listen to the ticking of the song while watching the ticking clock. They should synch. It is like watching time go by, and it speaks of such a story.

The ticking will never change, the sound is constant, what changes is the essense of the song that accompanies the clock. As time runs out, as plans left out become more urgent, the song becomes more choatic, more urgent and frantic.

At the end of the day however, those urgent plans, those desperate moments are lost. Time continues to click and a new generation takes it's first breath. The melody of the new generation similar, but different from the first, because though the first is gone now, their wisdom, their knowledge and experience has been passed on.

Such is life, and its constant cycle.

Fun Facts of this song:
Ticks exactly to synch with time
Is 3:33 to demonstrate the infinite loop of time and life
Took much longer then i'd like it have to be made.

I hope you enjoy!

I'm an idiot.

I accidentally put this in the wrong genre. You may start lynching me at your discretion!

Measures have been taken to beat some sense into myself. Thank you.

MaestroRage responds:

I can never beat enough sense into myself, it is simply not possible, what with the 5" thick metal plate I had installed in my face.

Seriously though, wow. I r win.

Arise Sleeper - Poem

Arise Sleeper

And as Death gripped his precious soul, he cried out to the heavens.
And in his desperate plea, his voice reached the Father that designed it all.
The sin had already ravaged through his heart, all hope disappearing into endless thick darkness.

Until now with great pride he had held onto every last thing he could see.
And now that he could see no more at all, he had no other choice.
The darkness would completely consume him leaving nothing left but a sustained agony, like never waking up from a nightmarish, gnashing of teethe dream.

Even now he could no longer hear his own voice.
Though he screamed with intense effort, it too was only deluded to whispers by the Evil one.
And just as he was preparing to embrace the pillow full of nails and fall asleep forever into pitch black, a still and consistent hope sprung upon him.

No, undeniable hope that spread quickly up his spine.

And after being so numb the intense pleasure of being revived gave a ironic pain to his very soul.
As if he was being divided into two, it seemed his flesh was being torn from his spirit.
An image of the Father's son pounced and raced through his mind.
The son was bloodied and held to the cross with giant spikes in his wrists and feet.
The son uttered a few words of which he spoke, 'It is finished'.
And the Father lifted the remaining veil of darkness from his eyes and he could see and hear, and his voice began to finally make a slight vibration.

Just as He turned to see the Father in his Glory.

He awoke from what was not just simply sleep.

~ SocratesJC

The Full Story

This is the story for the piece, I ask again like my last story piece _-={The Metal Visage}=-_, that you first form your own story or opinion before you dwell into mine. In this way your own world will not be tainted by my words.

(Song Position: 0:00-0:29)
She shouldn’t have noticed him. He was just one of many patients held here in the facility. But he was behaving… somewhat strangely. Not like the other inhabitants who would run up and down the room screaming or talking with themselves. No… he was just kneeling in front of the plug that connected him to the pulsing energy and everybody else. He wasn’t trying to yank it out of his chest like so many others, desperate to be free, rather he cradled the wire gingerly in one arm, while staring at the plug in the wall.

She peered through the door’s tiny window and observed the room to see if perhaps something unusual in it had influenced this form of behavior and noted that it was identical to all the other ones. Stoic, empty, cold, and sterile in nature with one bed and one table, and a few chairs, all of which equally reflected the feel of the room. So why wasn’t this one screaming or dancing like the rest? Just… kneeling.

*After the rusty door opening sound effect*
(Song Position: 0:29-1:04)
She opened the door and walked up to him and asked him in her gentlest voice.

"What are you doing?" He looked up at her and she analyzed his eyes as she was trained to do.

Empty. They were so empty.

"Me?" he asked calmly. She nodded her head. He looked down at the plug and traced the outlet with his finger. "I'm thinking."

"What are you thinking about?" she asked.

"I'm thinking, about why I’m here."

"You're here because it's where you are, there are many thousands here as well. What more do you need?"

"I'm not here because of that!" he said vehemently. For a second she saw anger flare up in his empty eyes. The anger that had burned up everything inside, like so many others in here; it seemed hopeless for this one… then again not many showed up here with the intent of ever leaving.

"Then why do you think you are here?”

"Because there is no escape from not being here. Because there was nothing to stop me from being here."

"Then there is no need to despair, because you are where you should be."

MaestroRage responds:

Took a bit more then estimated, here is the rest.

"But I shouldn't be here!"

"But you just said you are here because there was nothing stopping you from being here."

(Song Position 1:31 (where the strings and choirs swell in volume))
"Which is why I shouldn't be here!" He was getting angrier and angrier. This approach was not working. His fingers were dancing on the plug now, sensing and gently gliding up and down the wire. His fingers were twitching.

"So then what will you do, now that you are here?"

"Get out."

"And how will you do that?"

"By destroying this building." She couldn't help herself and let out a slight chuckle. There was absolutely nothing here he could use to damage anything.

"How will you destroy the building?"

"By altering reality." He said it with such conviction she thought he was serious. There was no doubt that he really did belong here.

"You can't alter reality, it is simply a large palette of individuals which constitute reality. You can't change that without changing the palette, and you can't do without changing all the people."

(Song Position 1:41 (after first heavy kick))
"You are wrong," he said calmly.

"I am not."

"You are."

"How?" She was beginning to get flustered by this non-coherent conversation they were carrying out.

"Because I can alter reality to the only degree that counts. I can alter my own reality, which is part of the palette in which you speak. You do not need to change everybody else, why would you try to do something impossible to suit your own needs, when you can simply change your own end of the tunnel."

"This is true," she murmured somewhat impressed. Perhaps the man was not as crazy as she thought

"So you will change reality to your own degree... but this wouldn't destroy this building." She looked down at his back and watched him look down and trace the outlet. His shoulders hunched over, a single tear drop fell onto the floor beside his feet, and he gently gripped the plug."

(Song Position 1:55 (the second heavy kick))
"You are wrong..." he said in a gentle, tired, and raspy voice, and pulled the plug. Suddenly the room went pitch black and all was silent. She got up and dusted her clothes. A little saddened she walked towards where she knew the door would be and opened it. It really was too bad, this one showed some strains of sanity, but unfortunately like so many others, would not be missed. The door slowly creaked behind her and slammed shut. In her notebook she wrote a small memo.

(Song Position : 1:56 (guitar comes back))
*Note to self: Client in room 7243 – Status: deceased
Reason: Altering Reality


Another very smooth, professional track WinTang. Really these are all pretty damn commercial tracks you got here (or at least the majority of them :D).

You seem to have a nack for producing these incredibly well flowing pieces, there are parts where you alter the core so much, yet the piece itself remains perfectly as it were. Like a man morphing behind a mask.

That is you playing the piano I assume. The notes are well placed. Did you produce the piano notes first and then the VST instruments? Or did you create the VST instruments first to play to?

In any case WinTang, I don't have much to say about the piece, anything i'd write would be classified as pointless ranting, so i'm going to cut this here.

Great stuff man, keep up the good fight and keep e coming!

WinTang responds:

Thanks a lot mate!

Actually, no, it's not me playing the piano - I wrote a bunch of piano scores for a play and had them recorded by a wonderful jazz pianist connected to my school. I can play this myself, but I already had this recording. I did play all the other parts.

I originally wrote it for piano, cello and vocals. So I added the cello to the piano score, and sang to it in the play. The vocal melody here is the oboe (the vocals are in Dutch so not much use putting that on here). Then I felt like adding a celesta to the pizzicato cello parts. Then I felt like adding a French horn and here we are. :)

I am very glad with your comments on altering the core and keeping the flow, you seem to read my mind there really.

Thanks a right bunch, I'll come up to your page soon, it's been a while since I heard any of your stuff.

So soothing...

Ah... I had such energy, I was so hyped to type like pages upon pages... and now i'm so tired. This song is so soothing, how do you expect me to write now?!

Damn you =_=...

In any case, back to the song.

As stated the song flows very fluently, perfectly without any form of disruption in it's core, which I think would be an essential thing for the effect you were going for.

That high sliding synth, perfect. It led the piece perfectly.

The guitar notes in the background, were electric? Now thats an instrument I never thought i'd hear in such a piece, then again I didn't expect to hear many things you did with this piece. Good stuff WinTang, keep up the good fight!

WinTang responds:


I never thought I would actually surprise someone with the electric guitar, that's nice to hear!

Glad you liked this, I do too. It is a result of a few eye-openers I had in working with Cubase. Thanks for the encouraging review!

Encore I say!

So long, so many months it took to get this sucker out here, and it took me equally long to finally get down here and review it!

You can thank Simon for pointing it out and reminding me, sorry man, I truly forgot. In any case, back to the song.

The song flows so incredibly well. I feel you have some great melody works going on here, a lot of presentation of different emotions and to do it all with such subtle changes here and there.

The transitions are flawless, good stuff!

Where to even begin? I can't find anything wrong with the piece. Except the ending almost gave me a heart attack, but in a good way. I was thinking "I hope they end this with a big bang" and then it came and I was like "I'M PSYCOOK!" but then realized I wasn't.

In any case, the song is great, i'm glad to have heard it again, keep up the good fight Rocky!

MusicalRocky responds:

Rofl. Hey man. Get on Aim more.

Anyway, thanks for the review. You're right, it took many months to finish it up, but it was worth the hard work. Haha the ending is fun, yeah. I hope you like didn't die from it.

And now I regret I must take your cerebral cord as I have done to each who have reviewed thus far.

- Rocky


Well there's no way i'll be able to match the review from the person below me. he seems to have broken this sucker down to it's teeth and then proceeded to make himself another set of teeth to break down too. Good words...

In any case.

I loved, and I mean LOVED what you did after the buildup, there is so much energy, so much power in that part. I felt that maybe the volume levels were a bit off, it could have been better equalized, but it was able to give so much.

I would say there was too much going on with it, but then I debate with myself if maybe that was a good thing for this song. Having so much makes the song chaotic, unpredictable and sometimes unpleasant, but this song itself is filled with a chaotic energy which is what makes me think the fact there was too much going on work for it.

In any case, it is indeed a great track, You really are taking good leaps and bounds in your music! I look forward to hearing more from you!

Karco responds:

Yeah, the mixing was a bit of a problem for me... hey, I tried. =)

Yeah, there was a lot going on. Hold on, let me check... yeah, towards the end I have 7-8 different instruments going on all at once. (Counting percussion as one instrument. Woah.) I really need to keep a check on how many harmonies I have in my song. XD

Wow, is that 5 reviewers in one day? That's a new record for me! Thanks, Maestro! (And everyone else who reviewed, too! =D)

Nice :D

This song would be incredibly hard to equalize in my opinion, that ripping, raw saw, has such impact without ruining the flow of the song, so i'm to take it you've done equalizing and works like this for a while then yes?

In any case, the song itself portrays a frantic, race like feel. Now don't laugh at this image, but for some reason I keep imagining a cube like increasing and decreasing in size like you know how some music players will have a shape or something fluctuate with the music, I get that image, maybe due to my overly imaginative mind :P.

I didn't quite understand the vox voice, but it gave the piece a lot of the direction it needed to go, but I did understand the word "engage", which made me think more of racing.

Racing is good :D.

In any case, good stuff, again impressive work FoD, i'm glad I dropped by your page. Keep up the good work!

Father-of-Death responds:


Another greatly wrote review!!!!


thanks a billion!!!


What a haunting melody. I felt the strings portrayed a very dark, subtle, lonely feeling. The pizzicato plucks that came in somewhere later I didn't quite understand to be honest. It didn't really add anything to the image, however it was a neat addition, perhaps i'm just not seeing it.

In any case, you've got all the highs and low ends covered as I believe a String Quartet should do (though I felt at times the high end was a bit much), but other then that, the melody continues, pushing, and always existing with the initial core you gave it.

I know this is supposed to be a string quartet, but I keep imagining what an oboe would do for the piece, my imagination runs away without me sometimes, it may not even sound good, but I could be wrong.

In any case, good piece! I did enjoy it so :D. Keep em coming WinTang, keep up the good fight!

WinTang responds:

Thanks a lot again!

Pizz plucks are really intended as a kinda harsh break, to precede repeating the figure of the beginning for the third time. It's meant to be some sort of pre-climax.

Other than that a oboe obviously doesn't belong in a string quartet, I'd have to seriously rewrite this in order to add it. An oboe among strings will stand out a lot, which means it should play the lead, which means I have to dissect the whole thing because now the lead is pretty much equally distributed among the four instruments. Alternatively the oboe could fully harmonize the melody, which I believe would emphasize it too much - I wanted this to be a lake of tone with shards of melody surfacing and sinking again, if you catch my drift (excuse the aquatics pun).

I do love oboes by the way. You'll just have to keep an eye on this page to satisfy your imagination.

I'll stop being schmuck now, I am very happy with your reviews, you have a great ear.

It's been one hell of a ride guys, but it's time for me to leave. I will still be looking at my inbox, if you want me to look at songs, I will check back every once in a while. Take care Newgrounds! full_metal_slashemist@hotmail.com AIM: MaestroSorrow

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