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Hey Dj-SilenT-HunteR

Hey SilenT.

You have no idea how much this moved me. Above everything though, I am glad that I was able to help you in some way. You have serious potential as a musician, I insist you keep at it, you can get there, you have the heart and talent.

BTW, can I have the picture with the "M" and MaestroSorrow below it? If you do not mind, I would like to use that for my CD cover, for the demo CD I will pass around.

Thank you Dj-SilenT-HunteR once again, words simply fail me.

Teh Awesome


Never again shall I eat eggs, or trust doctors!

Also really liked the animation, really great stuff PiePie ^^.

PiePie responds:

thanks a lot it was I and Ljcoffee who made this so give credit to him too!


You're guys intro never fails to scare the crap out of me. I know its coming, yet it ALWAYS works >_<.

This one, I really liked the monkey getting pelted by bagels, that served to put a smile on my face ^^.

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its a very very fun game to play, here's a few ideas to help make it better.

I think you should remove these "miss" things entirely. Having to blow up after a certain number of ships fly by is NO fun, especially since when you respawn you are for a few seconds invisible (not on screen), and so many ships get past you at that time.

You don't lose a life when you kerplode because of misses, I don't know if it was intentional (I sure hope it was, cuz I don't think I could fight the last boss if it wasn't), but again, definatly remove this whole aspect. If you do keep it, keep it merely for score sake. This especially rings true when you overheat your weapons, this is a gauranteed "blow up" situation, as at least 30 ships fly by you by the time you cool down.

The whole level up thing was really well thought. After you reach a certain score interval, you're ship levels up with new equipment, and new enemies come in. I enjoyed the enemies, pretty neat variety you got going on.

Definatly change the shoot buttons to Z, X, C, or something very close by. I kept forgetting ctrl was the blue shot, and shift the normal shot.

Very spectacular graphics, loved it all.

Aside from other upgrades other then shield and heat, nothing else to add.

Very well done.

awesome game man.

Love RPGs, and I really like your engine.

Can't wait for the future instalment ^^!

Nemo responds:

Thanks a lot Maestro! I'll get working on the update soon. I'm glad you liked it.

Great stuff

it was extremely enjoyable, however I hated the fact that when you died, you had to start from scratch, rather then from the level you lost at. Level 1 took long enough to complete, then those speeding bikes at level 2 just wiped me out X_x... shouldn't have bought that powerplant right away...

still 5/5 from me ^^.

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The explanation behind this song.

To the reader, and listener, I would ask you first listen to this piece on your accord before reading this review. By reading this and then listening, your own experience will be tainted, and you will imagine something I have constructed, rather then something you would create yourself.

This song embodies time, it beats to exactly 1 second per beat, try it for yourself. Press play at exactly the tick of a second, and listen to the ticking of the song while watching the ticking clock. They should synch. It is like watching time go by, and it speaks of such a story.

The ticking will never change, the sound is constant, what changes is the essense of the song that accompanies the clock. As time runs out, as plans left out become more urgent, the song becomes more choatic, more urgent and frantic.

At the end of the day however, those urgent plans, those desperate moments are lost. Time continues to click and a new generation takes it's first breath. The melody of the new generation similar, but different from the first, because though the first is gone now, their wisdom, their knowledge and experience has been passed on.

Such is life, and its constant cycle.

Fun Facts of this song:
Ticks exactly to synch with time
Is 3:33 to demonstrate the infinite loop of time and life
Took much longer then i'd like it have to be made.

I hope you enjoy!

I'm an idiot.

I accidentally put this in the wrong genre. You may start lynching me at your discretion!

Measures have been taken to beat some sense into myself. Thank you.

MaestroRage responds:

I can never beat enough sense into myself, it is simply not possible, what with the 5" thick metal plate I had installed in my face.

Seriously though, wow. I r win.

Arise Sleeper - Poem

Arise Sleeper

And as Death gripped his precious soul, he cried out to the heavens.
And in his desperate plea, his voice reached the Father that designed it all.
The sin had already ravaged through his heart, all hope disappearing into endless thick darkness.

Until now with great pride he had held onto every last thing he could see.
And now that he could see no more at all, he had no other choice.
The darkness would completely consume him leaving nothing left but a sustained agony, like never waking up from a nightmarish, gnashing of teethe dream.

Even now he could no longer hear his own voice.
Though he screamed with intense effort, it too was only deluded to whispers by the Evil one.
And just as he was preparing to embrace the pillow full of nails and fall asleep forever into pitch black, a still and consistent hope sprung upon him.

No, undeniable hope that spread quickly up his spine.

And after being so numb the intense pleasure of being revived gave a ironic pain to his very soul.
As if he was being divided into two, it seemed his flesh was being torn from his spirit.
An image of the Father's son pounced and raced through his mind.
The son was bloodied and held to the cross with giant spikes in his wrists and feet.
The son uttered a few words of which he spoke, 'It is finished'.
And the Father lifted the remaining veil of darkness from his eyes and he could see and hear, and his voice began to finally make a slight vibration.

Just as He turned to see the Father in his Glory.

He awoke from what was not just simply sleep.

~ SocratesJC

It's been one hell of a ride guys, but it's time for me to leave. I will still be looking at my inbox, if you want me to look at songs, I will check back every once in a while. Take care Newgrounds! full_metal_slashemist@hotmail.com AIM: MaestroSorrow

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