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its a very very fun game to play, here's a few ideas to help make it better.

I think you should remove these "miss" things entirely. Having to blow up after a certain number of ships fly by is NO fun, especially since when you respawn you are for a few seconds invisible (not on screen), and so many ships get past you at that time.

You don't lose a life when you kerplode because of misses, I don't know if it was intentional (I sure hope it was, cuz I don't think I could fight the last boss if it wasn't), but again, definatly remove this whole aspect. If you do keep it, keep it merely for score sake. This especially rings true when you overheat your weapons, this is a gauranteed "blow up" situation, as at least 30 ships fly by you by the time you cool down.

The whole level up thing was really well thought. After you reach a certain score interval, you're ship levels up with new equipment, and new enemies come in. I enjoyed the enemies, pretty neat variety you got going on.

Definatly change the shoot buttons to Z, X, C, or something very close by. I kept forgetting ctrl was the blue shot, and shift the normal shot.

Very spectacular graphics, loved it all.

Aside from other upgrades other then shield and heat, nothing else to add.

Very well done.

awesome game man.

Love RPGs, and I really like your engine.

Can't wait for the future instalment ^^!

Nemo responds:

Thanks a lot Maestro! I'll get working on the update soon. I'm glad you liked it.

Great stuff

it was extremely enjoyable, however I hated the fact that when you died, you had to start from scratch, rather then from the level you lost at. Level 1 took long enough to complete, then those speeding bikes at level 2 just wiped me out X_x... shouldn't have bought that powerplant right away...

still 5/5 from me ^^.

quite enjoyable.

I love games like this, my whole life of dodging things have finally come useful.

A few suggestions.

Whoever designed the castle insides, are the craziest people ever! Who builds 400 towers at random will!? Heh, I know this was just randomly generated obstacles as you move along, but I would have liked to see some hardcoded obstacles, like in the castles, near the end, why not have like a wall of the towers on both sides you know.

I would have liked to see the soldiers move a tad, maybe even jump in front of you (they said stop right, so DAMN IT BOYS, STOP HER!)

Finished it in both modes, enjoyed it. Good job Den.

Denvish responds:

Unfortunately CPU restrictions disallowed any sprite animation - CTRL-ALT-DEL and watch the TaskManager while you're playing, and you'll see what I mean.

Could possibly have had more varied sprites I suppose, if I ever make a v2 of this (which I won't) I'll consider adding more LOL


Awesome, loved the concept, very catchy.


very very well set up. I didn't quite like the voice acting, and I believe some better animation is in order, but it was very enjoyable, good job.

MrDDK responds:

Thanks, I learn a lot from my reviews so I can impove

Neat idea

heh, didn't have mic, but I think the concept is really neat.

got to 1000 points before I died XD, ship never moved.

Really neat idea.

GirlFlash responds:

roflmao, nice going :D

Neat, but glitchy.

There was a glitch where those white things had died, but they wouldn't disappear, and then the game went to a standstill, nothing happened after that.

Still it was a REALLY fun game.

Very classy ^^

I don't normally play Space Invader type games, but I found this one truly fun. My favorite part was the missile cluster laungh (the one with the shiny yellow casing when it falls), because the destruction it reaked was always fun to watch ^^.

It's been one hell of a ride guys, but it's time for me to leave. I will still be looking at my inbox, if you want me to look at songs, I will check back every once in a while. Take care Newgrounds! full_metal_slashemist@hotmail.com AIM: MaestroSorrow

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